About Us
The saying goes, "We have places to go and things to see." At our house that means making the best of every minute of our weekends. At the moment we have real weekends, Friday night to Sunday night, FREE. This website includes information from trips that took from 1 to 10 days. Although long vacations are technically not weekends, you can break them up into short trips.

This website is just a baby now. We have great plans for writing our past and future adventures. We had to start somewhere, so you are looking at the beginning of a larger project.

So who are we? Kevin and Doreen O'Donovan, currently of the San Francisco Bay area. Together we have traveled and in some cases lived in the places outlined in this website. Our kids don't live with us anymore, but they do still travel with us when they can. Doreen is the primary editor of this site.

People have already asked us if we are accepting stories from other folks, and the answer is "yes, but" we don't have a form set up yet to make it easy for you to do so. For now just email your stories. We cant guarantee we will use all of them. We will see what we get.

Why Write a Website?

Share what we learned the hard way

Help you have more fun

Help you do something you might not have done.

Save you time

Save you money

Have an excuse to travel to new places


Weekend Destinations

Helpful bits of information about places we have been and things we have seen.

Food Fun

Recipes for Road Trip Food, Camping and Hiking Food

Traveling with Kids

How do Happy Families Do It?


Packing Check List

Don't leave home without these kitchen and outdoor gadgets.

Travel and Gear

Reviews of Travel Gear