Weekend Travel Guide. Ideas for weekend and vacation destinations. A Travelogue our travel adventures. While traveling we crave better food, more interesting food and unusual food. A collection of photos and recipes of camping, hiking and picnic food. Traveling with children can be a joyful experience full of adventure, exploring and learning, or it can be a trying, tiring experience. Planning makes the difference when traveling with kids.
  Packing Checklist Afraid of tent camping? Memories of a past bad experience with nature. Let us help help you prepare for the Boy Scout or Girl Scout trip you signed up for in a moment of weakness. Travel and Camping Gear Reviews: Good camping gear can make your life better. Bad year can ruin a trip. Learn the difference here. Campground Reviews: Campground descriptions include photos, and details about how to reserve a campsite, information about activities near by, bug counts, bathroom conditions, wild life sightings and more.